Defence is, now, way cheaper than attack. Defences have, now, rendered attack very very very expensive!

At most times in history?... attack and conqure held the highest reward. Weapons and tactics innovation gave attackers "first strike" advantage. With this came profit.

Well, that has all changed in the 21st century! Defence, using modern tech, is cheaper than attack. "Defending what"? You, your informatin, your wealth and economic value!

Physical threat, while still a possibility is not as urgent as it has historically been. Info-tech is the now the obvious threat model. Using modern techniques, available to everyone, all the time, one can effectively defend themself from all, including coercive, non-concentual Government!

If your defences are as strong as they should/could be? It's incredibly expensive to attack you! It costs more to attack and defeat than is gained. (Afghanistan (more than once!), Vietcong!)

If you're in a "Pool" (Centralised)? there's more value to be gained from an attack. Noticed how attacked windows is? It's all the same! you're all in a "pool"

Why are banks robbed? That's where all the fiat (Fake value) is. Why are bitcoin exchanges gonna be attacked? That's where all the money is!

Why is there so much FUD (fear, Uncertainty and doubt) about Bitcoin? That's where the value is and where the lies stop!!!

Decentralised, Open Source, Federated (If you must) is your defence!

It costs as much to attack an individual as is gained from attacking a "herd". Why attack an individual, probably once, and risk detection?... When there is so much to gain by infiltrating a "herd"?

Hiding amongst the herd is no longer the viable option!

Open Source Bitcoin simply explained


Open source is the method by which individuals can cooperate and share ideas amongst themselves and/or the wider community

Open Source means access to the "source material"/plans is freely available. For examination, Audit, Due diligence procedures.

Open source is how Linux (driver of the internet) and Bitcoin (driver of sound digital money) is developed.